Guidelines for Access Control

Guiding Principles

  • Only review dashboards that are needed to perform your job.
  • Understand and abide by University, local, state, and federal policies that affect sharing data in your area.
  • Recognize and protect confidential and private data.

Best Practices

  • Create an MCommunity email group that ITS will use to give people access to a Tableau Project (the dashboards are published within the Tableau Project).
    • Note: people can have access to a Tableau Project and not have access to every dashboard in the Project.
  • Create additional MCommunity email groups to give people access to each dashboard (this is only needed if the same people cannot have access to all of the dashboards within the Project).
    • If only a few people need access to a certain dashboard, you can always add them individually instead of creating an MCommunity email group.

Tableau Server Options

Dashboards can be published to the following servers:

  • Production Server (recommended): can be accessed from Wolverine Access; can be accessed without logging into VPN if you are off-campus
  • Non-Production Server: if you are off-campus, you will need to log into a campus VPN to access dashboards

Tableau Permissions

  • Dashboard permissions can be set on an individual or group basis.
View PermissionsInteract PermissionsEdit Permissions
Download Image/PDFDownload Full Data (ability to view raw data)Download Workbook/Save As
Download Summary Data (ability to view aggregated data)Share Customized (ability to customize views)Move
View CommentsWeb Edit (ability to edit views while in Tableau Server)Delete
Add Comments Set Permissions (granted to the Project Owner)