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EPART Mission and Goals

The mission of the College of Engineering Emergency Planning and Response Team is to provide planning, direction, and oversight of College safety and security initiatives for crisis management, business process continuity, and the protection of our community.

Safety, security, and response planning, whether managed directly by this committee or in parallel with work done in other College of Engineering committees, will address:

  • Safety standards in our facilities (working through CoESafe and EHS)
  • Safe practices in our research and instructional laboratories and shops (also working through the College Safety Committee and EHS)
  • Crisis management procedures
  • Business continuity procedures
  • Information technology security
  • Incident communication policies and procedures
  • Coordination with related University offices and efforts

The committee will strive to coordinate efforts among the various participants, ensure full coverage of issues, avoid redundant or conflicting policies, and document and promulgate policies and procedures.

To assist in coordination, the two primary CoE safety and security committees will share membership: the chair of the College Safety Committee will be a member of the committee, and the College facilities director will be a member of both committees.

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Emergency Reduction in Operations

In the event of short term emergency conditions due to severe weather, natural disaster, major utility failures or other unforeseen circumstances, the University may declare an Emergency Reduction in Operations. The President, or designee, with advice from the Executive Vice Presidents and the Executive Director, Division of Public Safety and Security, will make the decision as to the level of operations which will be maintained. Leadership on the Flint and Dearborn campuses will be responsible for decisions and procedures to reduce operations at their respective campuses.

Critical services are defined as those services or activities required to provide for the full and complete delivery of care to students and patients; protection of the health and safety of humans and animals in research capacities; and all services of security, police and regulatory personnel. Critical services shall include those providing continuous access to buildings and grounds, communications, and indirect support such as building operations, preservation of infrastructure, utility systems, material procurement, and certain contract and legal activities. Critical employees in these functional areas will be expected to report to work during emergency periods in accordance with their unit’s specific designation. Units will annually review their continuity of operations plans and notify their employees of each individual’s critical designation.

College of Engineering Critical Employees

One hour after the declaration of the Emergency Reduction in Operations all critical employees are to call the College of Engineering emergency conference line, telephone number (734-936-3792).  During this call, a determination will be made regarding who should report to work. 

List of COE RIO Critical Employees found here.