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STARR Matrix



Telecommuting Agreement


Michigan Engineering Telecommuting Policy

In alignment with our mission, Michigan Engineering strives to recruit and retain talented staff, leverage technology for efficiencies, embrace emerging work structures, and ensure an inclusive environment to enable staff to be their best and preserve Michigan Engineering excellence and reputation.

Michigan Engineering recognizes the importance of work-life balance, the challenges related to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, and the College’s responsibility to steward University resources and support carbon neutrality initiatives. The Michigan Engineering Staff Telecommuting and Related Resources (STARR) project was initiated to determine high-level standards that set the rules of engagement and expectations for employees outside of the traditional office setting.

The STARR Classification Matrix defines the remote work profiles, workspace definitions, eligibility, expectations, responsibilities, and other guidelines related to telecommuting. Telecommuting is not an employment right, and any telecommuting arrangement may be changed or terminated at any time, and for any reason, by the employer. Department leadership is responsible for maintaining a staffing structure that ensures all faculty, staff, and students receive the level of support needed during regular business hours by providing appropriate on-site staffing levels to ensure staff safety and available customer support activities.

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Michigan Engineering STARR Classification Matrix

Michigan Engineering empowers department leadership to learn and understand the STARR Matrix to embrace the new realm of telecommuting options available to enhance our community and staff well-being. The STARR Classification Matrix was developed to provide structure and guidance to aid departments and units in determining the appropriate telecommuting classification for each staff member and the rules and policies associated with each classification.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Managers and Employees

Staff and managers participating in a telecommuting agreement must review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Managers and Employees document linked below. It contains important information regarding the Michigan Engineering telecommuting process and answers the most common questions pertaining to staff telecommuting.

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Employee STARR Telecommuting Process

Michigan Engineering employees participating in telecommuting must follow the process below to request and maintain a telecommuting arrangement.

STARR Matrix Process

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Michigan Engineering Telecommuting Agreement

All Michigan employees participating in a telecommuting agreement must complete the form linked below with their department/unit leadership. The agreement must be updated each time the classification or staff permanent schedule of time on campus changes.

  • Staff should not complete the Michigan Engineering Telecommuting Agreement until they have confirmed their STARR classification and schedule with their manager and department leadership.
  • Michigan Engineering Telecommuting Agreement Form, PDF 
  • This form is for use by Michigan Engineering Staff only.

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Other Michigan Engineering Resources

The following resources are intended to help guide units and employees in the area of telecommuting:

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