• Johnson Rooms

    3rd floor, Banquet setup

  • Johnson Rooms

    3rd floor, Auditorium setup

  • Masco Commons / Faculty Lounge

    3rd floor

  • General Motors Conference Room

    4th floor

Room Scheduling

How to Schedule Meetings or Events in the Lurie Engineering Center:

This page contains critical information to assist you in hosting a meeting or event in the Lurie Engineering Center (LEC). All requests for use of the facilities must be directed to the Resource Planning and Management office by email, lecroomscheduling@umich.edu.

  1. Click here to view event room availability for the Lurie Engineering Center (you can not make a reservation here).
  2. Please review the following guidelines for use of LEC Facilities:
    1. LEC Usage Guidelines
    2. Guidelines for Student Use of LEC Facilities: Student groups, please review the Guidelines for Student Use of the LEC before submitting a reservation request.
    3. The College of Engineering has additional information about reserving spaces that you may find helpful, as well.
  3. Click on a room below to access the request form. Please complete and submit the request form to lecroomscheduling@umich.edu to reserve a room. (all information must be provided for a request to be processed)  Due to high demand, the RPM office regrets that it is unable to reserve space without complete information at the time of reservation.
    1. The Johnson Rooms A, B, & C
    2. General Motors Conference Room
    3. 1210, 2210 LEC, Dean’s Dining Room, and Masco Commons
    4. Reflecting Pool Plaza
      1. Requests must be received at least ten working days in advance.
      2. Any events that involve the following will require prior written approval from the Dean’s Office and the Associate Vice President for Business Operations: sales, alcohol, a large group of people (i.e., more than 20), setup of tables & chairs, amplification systems, tents, barbecue/cooking equipment.
      3. To reserve, you must:
        1. Complete the online Outdoor Event Request form to request approval from the Associate Vice President’s Office for Facilities & Operations (AVPFO).
        2. Submit approval for an outdoor event from AVPFO and the Lurie Reflection Pool setup form to lecroomscheduling@umich.edu.
  4. Reservations are not guaranteed until a confirmation has been sent. Reservations are processed in the order in which they are received, with first priority given to the Deans of the College. Reservations may not be made more than six months in advance. Consideration is given to the size of the group, the type of activity, and available space. The LEC reserves the right to assign and, if necessary, reassign facilities to assure their maximum and most appropriate utilization.  


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The Lurie Engineering Center has a list of approved caterers who are permitted to utilize the professional-standard catering kitchen. Please review this list to order food for your meeting or event. It is acceptable to order take-out or prepared food service for your event. As a reminder, caterers may not prop open any doors as this is a fire code hazard.

Consider making your event a Zero Waste event! The Lurie Engineering Center has compost bins available for your use, and many caterers are happy to provide compostable servingware. More information and resources, including compostable plates, utensils, cups, etc., can be found on Planet Blue’s website.


All events must be canceled by the designated contact person listed on the Confirmation of Reservation. Cancellations must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the original reservations. Failure to do so will result in an appropriate room usage fee for each room reserved. Failure to cancel a reservation more than once in an academic year may result in loss of the privilege of using the LEC facilities for up to one year.

Contact Information: