LEC Room Scheduling

  • A speaker in the Johnson Room

How to Schedule Meetings or Events in the Lurie Engineering Center:

This page contains critical information to assist in hosting a meeting or event in the Lurie Engineering Center (LEC). All requests for use of the facilities must be directed to the Resource Planning and Management office through 25Live.

Please review the following guidelines for use of LEC Facilities and the resources offered in each room before requesting a reservation: Robert H. Lurie Engineering Center (LEC) Facility Usage Policies and Guidelines. 

Rooms available for reservation at LEC: 

  1. The Johnson Rooms (3213ABC LEC)
  2. General Motors Conference Room (4231 LEC)
  3. 1005 LEC
  4. 1210 LEC
  5. 2210 LEC
  6. Dean’s Dining Room (3266 LEC)
  7. Masco Commons (3251 LEC)

When reserving a LEC room, any additional time needed for necessary set up or tear downs must be considered and added to the request in 25Live. Access to the facilities outside of the time frame originally reserved is not allowed.

Reservations are not guaranteed until a confirmation has been sent. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Consideration is given to the size of the group, type of activity, and available space. Reservations may not be made more than six months in advance.

LEC reserves the right to: 

  • Assign and, if necessary, reassign facilities to assure their maximum and most appropriate utilization. 
  • Decline the scheduling of events/activities which would cause undue “wear and tear” on the facilities.

Changes in reservation details after a confirmation in 25Live has been received must be communicated to the RPM Administrative Assistant at least two working days in advance of the event. 

There is no fee to reserve a room.

Generally, LEC facilities are available for scheduling from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. LEC reserves the right to block out certain time periods in which no events will be scheduled in the building.

Operational Policies

  1. Responsibility. Event Coordinators holding an event in LEC are responsible for the actions of all participants. 
  2. Expectations. Event Coordinators are expected to leave the facilities in the same good condition they found them. Groups scheduling events in LEC will be held financially responsible for any special clean-up, maintenance or repair resulting from the event or activity. Groups will be charged the CoE cost for special clean-up, maintenance, or repair. 
  3. Scheduling Privileges. The following actions are not allowable and could result in a group losing scheduling privileges in the Lurie Engineering Center: 
    1. Propping open any LEC exterior doors during the course of any event. 
    2. Causing damage to LEC facilities. 
    3. Making major changes in event detail that are counter to LEC policies (e.g., group reserves Johnson Room A and then moves the event into Masco Faculty Commons). 
    4. Using candles, live fire or certain other flammable materials in LEC without prior approval. 
  4. Cancellations. It is our expectation that room reservation cancellations will occur at least 2 working days in advance. Failure to cancel a reservation more than once in an academic year may result in loss of the privilege of using the LEC facilities for up to one year. 
  5. Alcohol. Any events that serve alcohol require prior approval which can be requested through the CoE Sponsored Event Alcohol Request Form. Policies regarding serving alcohol at events can be reviewed here.

If you have questions or need additional information regarding room scheduling, email [email protected] or call by phone at (734) 647-2606.