Staff Development


The University’s Statement on Stewardship defines the College’s role and responsibility as it pertains to the stewardship of its human resources. More specifically, it states that the stewardship of human resources “involves providing others with support, direction, and resources to allow them to accomplish the responsibilities of their jobs and to reach the goals that you set with them for professional and personal growth.” Because we recognize the importance of staff contributions to the overall success of the College, considerable emphasis is placed on our staff development policies and programs. Every staff member is to receive a minimum of 40 hours of staff development annually. 

The Performance Planning and Review policy is designed to ensure that each staff member receives an annual performance assessment. The assessment must include a review of the progress made on the prior year’s goals and the setting of new goals for the coming year. Informational sessions are held each year prior to the annual review process to help staff prepare for their performance review meeting and to assist with developing goals and objectives for the coming year.

The approach used to develop the College’s Staff Development calendar includes a review of the performance assessment documents including the goals and objectives. This allows us to be certain we are providing training and development opportunities for which there is a definite need. It also helps to prioritize training. Training for which there is a high demand or immediate need is given precedence.

Training is developed and offered with the staff member in mind. Every effort is made to provide training that is easily accessible, meets the need, is geared toward the way business is done at the College and provides the staff member with an opportunity to immediately apply what they have learned. When technology or policy changes the way we do business, the College assesses the training needs and delivers quality training that will enable the staff member to adapt to the new technology or policy.

The College is equally committed to helping staff with the “quality of life issues” they confront throughout their careers. We offer sessions that address stress, family issues and retirement planning.

We strongly encourage staff to consult with their supervisor or the College’s Human Resource Director if they have concerns or questions about their professional career growth.

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